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Proper Dumpster Loading

So, you’ve decided to hire the professionals at Johnny Bobby’s Junk Hauling & Roll-Off Dumpsters to take care of your debris removal needs. We’ve quoted you a price. We’ve arranged to have a dumpster placed at your location until your project is finished and you’re ready for us to safely remove the debris from your premises. However, before we can pick up your debris, we need to let you know how to properly pack your dumpster.

When renting one of our dumpsters, you will want to maximize the space. We encourage these proper dumpster loading tips, as we want you to get as much value as possible from your rental. That being said, there is a wrong and a right way to pack one of our dumpsters. You might be tempted to stuff it with everything that you’ve got, even to the point of overloading. Do not do this. An overloaded dumpster creates safety hazards, and it could actually cost you more than you’re trying to save.

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Improperly Loaded Dumpsters VS Properly Loaded Dumpsters

Improperly Loaded Dumpster

Improperly Loaded Dumpsters

Properly Loaded Dumpster

Properly Loaded Dumpsters

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