Proper Dumpster Loading

Improperly Loaded Dumpsters

Overloaded Dumpster

One of our focuses at Johnny Bobby's Junk Hauling is to ensure safety with our dumpster loading and transport. We offer several different sizes of dumpsters, allowing you to safely load all of your unwanted material. To prevent items from flying or falling out of the dumpster, we require that all materials be placed in the dumpster to the side railing and not above.

Improperly Loaded Dumpsters

Larger Dumpster Needed

If we do arrive to pick up the roll-off dumpster and see that it is overloaded, our drivers are unable to move the dumpster. To avoid this type of delay, not to mention penalty fees associated with an overloaded dumpster, please make sure any items in the dumpster are positioned below the level of the side rails, and that nothing is sticking out from the top or extending past the sides.

Blocked Dumpster

Blocked Dumpster

Our trucks need to back in safely to pick up the dumpster. In some cases, vehicles or even items awaiting pickup are parked or placed in front of the dumpster. When this happens, and the items cannot be moved to allow for pickup, the customer is billed, and we will reschedule another time for the pickup, which is also billed to the customer.

BlockedNoNo Food Waste Or Odor Creating Debris Allowed

No Food Waste Or Odor Creating Debris Allowed

No Hazardous Materials Allowed

No Hazardous Materials Allowed

Properly Loaded Dumpsters

Loaded Below the Top Rail

Loaded Evenly

No Additional Fees if Loaded Below the Top Rail

Improperly Loaded Dumpsters VS Properly Loaded Dumpsters

Improperly Loaded Dumpster

Improperly Loaded Dumpsters

Properly Loaded Dumpster

Properly Loaded Dumpsters

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